Rich Loyalty was established in 2003 as a Loyalty Application Service Provider (ASP) – and is Malaysia’s leading provider in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services delivering loyalty marketing solutions and management platform applications to a fast-expanding list of 3000 merchants nationwide. We are specialists in personalized technical consulting services and understand the mechanics of turning good businesses into ‘Great’ businesses, by customizing loyalty programs that will generate greater financial returns and encourage better customer retention.

We are able to provide you the necessary customized tools - user-friendly technological products and support services at the best rates in the market. Your trusted investment with us will enable your business to adopt growth, a current technological framework, as well as cost savings to operational functions, as integrated technical expertise is one of our reputable services, where we provide the supporting infrastructure for your customer programs.

Rich Loyalty also holds an impressive track record as effective partners in providing the crucial total management of loyalty programs that are implemented for generating effective customer retention strategies to enhance your business. We strongly believe in creating value for our clients through the commitment for result-driven performance combined with high levels of creative and deliberate planning. This, with our personal touch of specifically dedicated teams ensures our clients the security of a partner who understands the platform and individual needs for effective programs.

Rich Loyalty also creates value for the regular shoppers through its card program, by providing the ever-evolving excitement of getting rich rewards for every spend. Whether shoppers are doing daily shopping, or spending at a favourite restaurant, ‘Rich Points’ can be accumulated, and the value of each spend grows. We hold a wide and growing list of merchants and retailers who provide shoppers the luxury of a whole host of brands to choose from, as well as privilege discounts and quality gifts.

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