Clients who have worked with us appreciate the subtle provisions that we create for each loyalty program. Regardless of the size of a client’s business, where it is located, the range of brands held or even the customer base, we provide specially tailored solutions to fit the specific needs and environment. Our program solutions bring to clients valuable reports of customer behaviour and a reliable measure of the customer programs that are implemented. Specially assigned account management teams work closely to help clients develop their customer relationships further to increase share of wallet. Clients benefit from the specially designed, flexible and affordable programs we offer to maintain their business edge.

Account management teams for clients are specially appointed to assist in managing the execution of the loyalty program. We provide end-to-end servicing and coordination of the processes for clients with timelines in check. Our experienced trainers deliver support through coaching of client frontline staff on the required handling of the system in simple formats. However, understanding the real value is in the CRM system where clients are provided the marketing data developed from the program that is running.

Adding value to the customers' experience in turn adds value to the business through repeated customer visits and ultimately customer loyalty. To achieve this we provide clients a campaign management system loaded with avenues for economically tracking and evaluating customer profiles and behaviour. No expensive gadgets, and with minimal cost for maintenance, we offer clients easy-to-understand processes to determine their most favourable promotion channels. On top of all that, Rich Loyalty solutions include a call center that supports customers' needs and enhances the customer relationship by providing capable and reliable assistance.

Statistics show that Malaysian shoppers spend amazing amounts of money even though accumulated over a short period of time. Get signed on to the Rich Loyalty membership program and you will be able to get greater value out of each spend that you make. A simple application will entitle you to start on the rewarding experience of being able to enjoy collecting reward points, be rewarded discounts, or exchanging points for exciting gifts. An additional feature of the Rich program is the Customer Service Contact that is available for you to provide feedback at any time. Obviously, we value each customer and every member, and your experience and satisfaction is what matters to us.

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