1. What is the Rich Loyalty Card or Rich Card?
2. Do I have to pay for membership?
3. Where can I apply for the card?
4. How do you recognise a customer as a Rich Card member?
5. What is the difference between the standard Rich Card and the Merchant Cards?
6. Where can I use the Rich Card to enjoy its unique privileges?
7. What are Rich Points?
8. How do I check my Rich Points?
9. How do I redeem my choice of gifts?
10. Is there a qualifying period

11. What is the Rich Loyalty Program?
12. What can the Rich Loyalty Program do for my business?
13. Can I afford to set up my own Customer Loyalty Program?
14. What do I need to do to set up a Rich Loyalty Program?
15. Is the Rich Loyalty Program complicated to implement?
16. How do I operate the Rich Loyalty Program?
17. What does the Rich Loyalty Team do for my business behind the scenes?

1. What is the Rich Loyalty Card or Rich Card? back to top
The Rich Loyalty Card or the Rich Card is part of Malaysia's first ever multi-rewards consumer privilege program. Rich Card holders will be able to collect points upon their purchases, as well as be entitled to privilege discounts at Rich Loyalty's participating merchants.

2. Do I have to pay for membership? back to top
No. Rich Card membership is FREE. There is no access fee or annual fee required.

3. Where can I apply for the card? back to top
All you need to do is fill up the application form at the nearest Rich Loyalty merchant to apply for your membership to start enjoying the wonderful experience of being a Rich Loyalty member where you may accumulate points when you spend, get privilege discounts and then redeem your ideal gifts at any of our participating merchants. Or you can make an online application for a Rich Card here.

4. Where can I use the Rich Card to enjoy its unique privileges? back to top
Customers may produce one of two types of Rich Cards at the payment counter. Both types qualify customers to all Rich Loyalty benefits available:

a) The first type of Rich Card (issued directly by Rich Loyalty) is the standard issue that customers can apply for online. These will display the standard logo. Apply here for the standard Rich Card.

b) The second type of Rich Card is the card that customers receive from merchants which carry their own unique design. You will see the Rich Loyalty Logo printed on the bottom right.

5. What is the different between the standard Rich Card and the merchant
back to top
There is no difference in Rich Loyalty benefits for both types of card holders. However, Rich Card members who apply for their cards directly from a merchant with the merchant’s unique design and this printed on the card, will enjoy member benefits of that particular Rich merchant as well. These Rich Card members will still be entitled to enjoy all Rich Loyalty privileges with all the other Rich merchants.

6. Where can I use the Rich Card to enjoy its unique privileges? back to top
Rich Card shoppers, diners and purchasers of retail services will be able to accumulate Rich Points at any of the Rich Loyalty merchant outlets. You will recognize Rich Loyalty merchants by this decal display on thier entrances or counter area:

7. What are Rich Points? back to top
Rich Points are collected every time Rich Card holders purchase goods/ services from any participating merchant. Points will be awarded based on the shopper's spending pattern and in accordance to the rules and regulations

8. How do I check my Rich Points? back to top
Members can either login into the Rich Loyalty web page www.richloyalty.com.my or click here or even swipe their membership card at any of the participating Rich Loyalty merchants.

9. How do I redeem my choice of gifts? back to top
With such a wide range of gifts to select from, you will be able to redeem the relevant gift items at any of our participating merchants. No queues, and no hassle. The Rich Loyalty program provides you with instant redemption at you convenience!

10. Is there a qualifying period? back to top
Rich Points will have a 36-month validity period. Unredeemed Rich Points will be invalidated and purged at the end of their 3rd year.

11. What is the Rich Loyalty Program? back to top
The Rich Loyalty Program is a multi-merchant customer loyalty card program for small- and medium-sized retailers, merchants or business owners. It has powerful but flexible features to help you design and develop your own unique program to grow your business with your current customers and bring in new business through attractive customer rewards.

12. What can the Rich Loyalty Program do for my business? back to top
The Rich Loyalty Program can help provide useful tools and solutions to marketing issues such as:
• The need for increasing current customer returns and purchases.
• The need for implementing a rewards scheme for loyal and regular customers.
• The need for differentiating my business from my competitors.
• The need for adding value to my customers’ experience.
• The need for increasing customer demand for my products and services.
• The need for more customer data (such as customer spending patterns).
• The need to identify the right target group of customers for my sales campaigns.
• The need to stay in constant touch with my customers.
• The need to keep customers close and discourage them from defecting to a competitor.
• The need to attract back customers who have not patronized my business for a while.

The Rich Loyalty Program also helps to replace messy discount voucher programs, that sometimes may not prove to be successful in raising sales or customer levels. Encourage your customers collect Rich Points rather than discount vouchers – and you will notice the difference!

13. Can I afford to set up my own Customer Loyalty Program? back to top
Running a loyalty program is a big business, and can incur heavy administrative and operational costs. That is why customized loyalty programs were previously available only to large chain stores or merchants with big budgets. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we are now able to take the best features from the most sophisticated loyalty programs and make them available to you. You can select from our numerous optional features to tailor a program that will fit your specific needs. Together, we will customize a scheme to achieve your immediate marketing goals. You can even have your own logo or company name featured prominently on all your loyalty cards! More importantly, we want Rich Loyalty to be one of your most affordable marketing tools.

14. What do I beed to do to set up a Rich Loyalty Program? back to top
All you need to do is contact us, and we will provide you a start up kit. The uniquely designed RICH Starter’s Pack is offered at a special introductory rate of RM500. Additional customized nominal fees will provide coverage for:

• Transactions
• Computer system management
• Card member communications (such as sms blasts, e-mails etc.)
• Member website
• On-line reporting and access to your confidential customer reports
There are no hidden costs.
There is no requirement to purchase any computer hardware or software to start a Rich Loyalty card program. All you need is your existing POS erminal and your web browser to connect to the Internet for your secure information.The Rich Loyalty Program is an extremely feasible program to embark on due to its cost-effectiveness – why not start on your own Rich Loyalty Card program today!

For more information please contact our Account Managers Team or click here to reach us

15. Is the Rich Loyalty Program Complicated to Implement? back to top
We understand that business owners do not have the time or resources for complicated programs that require additional work and time. We have created a platform that is self-sufficient enough to run in the simplest manner.

16. How Do I Operate the Rich Loyalty Program? back to top
First of all, you will need to enroll your customers.We will provide you all the necessary tools in your ‘RICH Start-up Pack’.There are only 3 simple steps to follow:

Step 01Explain the benefits of becoming a Rich Card member
Step 02Have your customer fill out some basic information in the form and submit it to us.
Step 03Hand your customer the Rich Card and Program regulations printout.

Displaying your program brochures and membership forms at the front counter where your customers have easy access to them is very important. Highlight to your customer any immediate enrollment benefits. Don’t forget to remind your customers to watch out for upcoming announcements and special promotions!

Handling Rich Loyalty Program customers in 4 simple steps, you are on your way to improving your customers experience, and business results:

Step 01 Ask your customer for their Rich Loyalty Card. If not already a member, explain the benefits and enroll them
Step 02 Swipe their membership card through the POS card terminal to record the purchase.
Step 03 Enter the relevant redemption/promotion codes and print out the receipt.
Step 04 Return your customer’s card and thank the customer for being a Rich Loyalty Card member.

17. What Does the Rich Loyalty Team Do For My Business Behind the
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The Team that works hard to support your business behind the scenes manages a portfolio of duties that include:

Building your customers profiles and starting the loyalty member accounts for all your customers in a server which maintains a complete database of all your customer rewards and redemptions information.
Capturing details of every Rich Point and the point-gaining transactions fed by your POS card terminal, which are transmitted to the server.
Polling the data nightly from your POS terminal to upload all your customers’ transactions to the host server.
Updating your customers records on information of points awarded or redeemed.
Updating your customer analysis reports which are made available to you on our website in real time.
Assigning you a dedicated Account Relationship Manager to look after your company’s needs, answer your queries, review the success of your Rich Loyalty program, recommend sales promotion campaigns etc.
(for a nominal fee) Broadcasting (via our website, e-mail or sms) your latest offers, discounts or privileges to all your customers or to a specific sub-set of customers that you want to target.
(additional services) Organizing special promotional or sales campaigns for your goods or services jointly with other merchants who carry complementary goods or services.

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