Ever wonder how people stretch their ringgit for more than just the single
purchase transaction?

Do you know how you can entitle yourself to a whole range of delightful benefits ranging from retail discounts to lots of attractive gifts?

Ever imagined redeeming benefit points in the form of cash?

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The Rich Card was developed to provide greater value to customers as well as retailers and merchants in today's shopping environment. The Rich Card program carries a three-in-one benefit scheme that makes it a totally unique program for everyone. Firstly, it rewards you with the possibility of collecting points for the redemption of great gifts. It is also a privilege card that entitles the card holder to membership discounts and other privileges. The most exciting benefit of this card is that you are able to exchange your collected points for cash! Apply now to be a part of this amazing benefits program and start enjoying your privileges today.

There are two methods of application for the Rich Card:

1) Applying at any Rich Card merchant
When you are shopping, all you need to do is visit the nearest merchant to apply for your membership and start enjoying the wonderful experience of being a Rich Loyalty member where you may earn points when you spend, get privilege discounts and then redeem your ideal gifts at any of our participating merchants

2) Applying on-line
You may fill up the form here to apply for membership. You will be able to start enjoying your privileged status immediately upon receipt of your new card in the post.

Every purchase made at a participating merchant, will allow you to accumulate Rich Points. Extra points may be collected during special promotion periods.

Your Rich Points can now be instantly redeemed at your convenience! The best part is that you are able to convert your Rich Points into instant cash rebate!

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